The 7 Best Free Piano VST Plugins (2023)



Jul 1, 2023

The piano offers boundless versatility. It’s one of music’s most beloved instruments, effortlessly transcending musical genres and elevating compositions across diverse musical landscapes.

Investing in a piano is costly, which is why many music producers often use virtual piano instruments (VSTs). That being said, even some piano VST plugins come with a hefty price tag. 

The good news is that there are high-quality free piano vst plugins out there. It’s just a matter of finding the right. In this article, we explore some of the best free piano VST plugins that don’t compromise on quality. Explore our list below to discover the best free piano VST plugins, where excellence meets affordability in perfect harmony.

The 7 best free piano vst plugins: 2023

1. Upright No. 1 – Versilian

Let's start our journey with Versilian Upright No. 1, a fantastic piano VST plugin that captures the warm and intimate sound of an upright piano. With its expressive dynamics and detailed sampling, this plugin brings a touch of authenticity to your compositions. 

Whether you're crafting heartfelt ballads or intimate jazz pieces, Versilian Upright No. 1 shines as a versatile and free option for any pianist. The dynamic response and articulation variations add depth and versatility to your compositions, making it a valuable tool for any music producer or composer.

2. Soft Piano – Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio Soft Piano stands out as a remarkable virtual instrument that delivers a delicate and ethereal piano sound. Its soft and dreamy tone captures the essence of introspection, allowing composers to craft captivating melodies and atmospheric textures. 

For those seeking a more delicate and ethereal piano sound, Spitfire Audio Soft Piano is a go-to choice. This free piano plugin offers a soft and dreamy tone that is perfect for creating gentle melodies or atmospheric soundscapes. With its exceptional sound quality and expressive capabilities, Spitfire Audio Soft Piano is a must-have for composers looking to evoke emotion through their music.

3. Salamander Piano – Bigcat Instruments

Salamander Piano by Bigcat Instruments offers a remarkable virtual instrument that brings the richness and authentic quality of a Yamaha C5 grand piano to your compositions.

This free piano plugin captures the original instrument's rich tonal qualities impressively well, delivering an immersive playing experience.  The expressive sustains and soft pedal samples add depth and nuance to your performances, allowing for greater musical expression.

Whether you're aiming for classical elegance or contemporary pop, Salamander Piano delivers a versatile and realistic sound that will elevate your compositions to new heights.

4. The Grand Piano – DSK

The Grand DSK Piano, compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, is a powerhouse of a virtual instrument. Packed with features and offering a remarkable dynamic range, this plugin provides an expressive and highly playable grand piano experience. With its multitude of velocity layers and built-in reverb and delay effects, The Grand DSK Piano has become a favorite among composers, making it a valuable addition to any VST collection.

One of the standout features of The Grand DSK Piano is its multiple velocity layers. This provides a heightened level of realism, as the plugin responds dynamically to different playing styles and intensities. From delicate pianissimos to thunderous fortissimos, this plugin captures the dynamic range of a grand piano, allowing for nuanced and expressive performances. 

5. Electronik Atmos 2 Piano

Looking to infuse your compositions with a touch of mystery and intrigue? Electronik Atmos 2 Piano is here to help. This unique piano VST plugin offers atmospheric and cinematic sounds that are perfect for film scoring, ambient music production, or any genre that requires an otherworldly touch. Electronik Atmos 2 Piano opens up a realm of possibilities for creative experimentation and evocative compositions. 

Explore other atmospheric music production tools in our guide to the best ambient vst plugins.

6. Spindle – Orchestral Tools

For a truly distinctive sound that evokes a sense of enchantment, Spindle by Orchestral Tools is the perfect choice. This free piano VST plugin captures the hauntingly beautiful tones of a felt piano, delivering a delicate and intimate sound that enchants listeners. Whether you're aiming for introspective solo performances or seeking to add a touch of melancholy to your compositions, Spindle offers a unique and captivating piano experience that will transport your music to ethereal realms.

Ideal for solo performances or when you desire to infuse your compositions with a touch of melancholy, Spindle offers a distinct sonic palette that sets it apart from traditional piano sounds.

7. Claustrophobic Piano – Christian Henson

Claustrophobic Piano by Christian Henson is an outstanding piano VST plugin that stands out for its raw and gritty character. This exceptional plugin offers a raw and gritty sound, meticulously crafted from a piano recorded in an unconventional and unique setting. The result is a distinct and intimate piano sound that injects personality into any composition, particularly for genres such as indie, rock, or alternative, where a raw and unconventional tone is desired.


With this handpicked selection of the best free piano VST plugins, you have a powerful arsenal of virtual instruments to explore and ignite your creativity. From the intimate and expressive to the atmospheric and unconventional, these plugins cater to a wide range of musical styles and preferences. 

So, don't let budget constraints hinder your musical aspirations. Dive into the world of virtual pianos and let these remarkable plugins transport your compositions to new heights. Start exploring, experimenting, and composing masterpieces with the power of free piano VST plugins at your fingertips.

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