Emergence Audio: A Plugin Series Review



Jan 17, 2024

As a producer, I am always on the lookout for virtual instruments that can add depth and emotion to my compositions. Recently, I had the pleasure of incorporating several plugins by Emergence Audio into my toolkit, which have exceeded my expectations in every way.

Emergence Audio aims to 'create new possibilities for composers and music producers,' and their instruments deliver exactly that. Notably, their string plugins have been a game-changer.

Here’s a demo track, created with Emergence Audio instruments:

String and woodwinds 

Cello Textures

Emergence Audio's Cello Textures plugin immediately captured my attention with its emphasis on texture and atmosphere. First and foremost, the realism of the cello textures produced by this VST plugin is breathtaking. The attention to detail in the sampling captures the nuances of a live cello performance, from the delicate bowing to the rich resonance of each note. The result is a truly authentic and expressive sound that adds a human touch to my compositions.

Featuring 17 traditional articulations, the plugin offers a diverse range of expressive sounds, allowing you to infuse emotion and depth into your music. With over 100 parameters for customization, you have the flexibility to create your own unique sounds, making it versatile across various musical genres. It’s perfect for producing ambient music, or orchestral compositions.

It comes with 100+ presets, covering everything from standard cello tones to ethereal pads. The user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Kontakt make it easy to navigate and incorporate into your creative process. Technical specifications include high-quality 24bit 48kHz samples, ensuring professional-grade audio output. The 3.33 GB installed library reflects the richness of the cello textures, providing a comprehensive sonic palette for your compositions.

In terms of ease of use, the user interface is refreshingly simple, promoting an intuitive creative process. The seamless integration with Kontakt ensures a smooth workflow.

Violin Textures

Violin Textures captures the grace of a skilled violinist with its realistic tones, making it a go-to for authentic violin play.

From smooth note articulation to dreamy pads, this plugin brings compositions to life. It's not just about making sounds; it captures the essence of a virtuoso's performance. For composers, it's a simple way to add a touch of refinement and elevate the overall listening experience. Whether you're after solo subtleties or weaving textures, Violin Textures brings a sophisticated edge that resonates with experienced composers, offering a powerful tool for musical expression.

Adding to its features, Violin Textures includes Emergence Audio’s Infinite Motion Engine™ and Non-Static Sampling™ for evolving and non-repetitive organic soundscapes and pads. It also offers 12 traditional but uniquely played articulations, over 100 parameters for customisation, and 100+ presets to get you started. 

With high-quality 24bit 48kHz samples and a manageable 1.91 GB installed size, it's a practical choice for composers. MIDI learning and automation for all controls enhance its usability, making it a straightforward addition to your creative toolkit.

Double Bass Textures

Double Bass Textures wraps up the string plugin series with a strong impact, covering both traditional and experimental tones. It's a powerhouse for anyone wanting an easy way to add a deep, impactful bass to their music. This plugin is all about simplicity meeting powerful resonance, making it perfect for composers looking to give their compositions a rich low-end feel.

Incorporating the Infinite Motion Engine™ and Non-Static Sampling™, Double Bass Textures ensures a natural evolution of bass textures, steering clear of monotony and static repetition. This feature is especially advantageous for producers who desire dynamic and lifelike basslines that add depth to their music.

Double Bass Textures offers 12 different bass sounds and lets you customise them with over 100 settings. It's versatile, so you can make your own unique bass tones for any kind of music. If you want to get started quickly, there are more than 100 presets to choose from. These presets make it easy to use the plugin without spending too much time adjusting settings, so you can add powerful bass to your projects effortlessly.

The plugin uses high-quality samples to make sure your bass sounds pro. Even though it sounds pro, it won't take up too much space on your device – just 1.91 GB, striking a good balance between quality and storage.

Capturing the unmistakable richness of the double bass, this plugin is perfect for composers seeking an impactful low-end presence in their compositions.

Clarinet Textures

Emergence Audio strikes a nice balance between authenticity and creativity with Clarinet Textures. This instrument serves as a versatile canvas, capturing the intricate nuances of various clarinets, from the warm lower registers to the crisp higher tones. What sets Clarinet Textures apart is its capacity to go beyond traditional tones, offering beautifully textured pads that introduce a layer of creativity to its library. 

Clarinet Textures boasts an installed size of 1.92 GB, ensuring quality sounds without overwhelming your computer's storage. The Infinite Motion Engine™ and Non-Static Sampling™ features keep the clarinet textures dynamic and lifelike. With 20 traditional yet uniquely performed articulations, composers have a diverse range of sounds at their fingertips. 

Additionally, the plugin provides over 120 presets for a quick start, making it effortless for composers to explore its capabilities and add authentic clarinet tones to their projects. The inclusion of over 100 parameters for customisation empowers users to shape their own clarinet sounds. 

Beyond traditional tones, Clarinet Textures introduces evolving organic soundscapes and pads, fostering creativity in musical expression. The 24bit 48kHz audio quality ensures a professional-grade output, and MIDI learn/automation for all controls adds practicality to the composer's workflow, contributing to a smooth and straightforward experience. In essence, Clarinet Textures stands as a user-friendly yet powerful tool, inviting composers to elevate their compositions with genuine clarinet sounds.



Quantum is Emergence Audio's answer to limitless sound exploration. Packed with the Infinite Motion Engine™ and Non-Static Sampling™, this instrument isn't about standing still – it's all about dynamic evolution.

Featuring over 150 presets and a whopping 100+ customisable parameters, Quantum gives you the keys to shape your sound precisely. Spread across 7 octaves, the samples cover a vast sonic range, blending treated analog/modular synths with organic instruments for a rich, textured palette.

With 24bit 48kHz samples and 7.40 GB of installed material, Quantum ensures each note is clear and full-bodied. Midi learning and automation for all controls add practical flexibility to seamlessly integrate Quantum into your creative process.

What makes Quantum stand out is its exploration-friendly feature – endless layer combinations. It's not just about hitting keys; it's about building evolving soundscapes that fit your compositions. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, Quantum is your playground to experiment and shape your unique sonic signature.

In simple terms, Quantum isn't just an instrument; it's a tool that invites you to play, tweak, and discover the vast world of sound. Dive in and let Quantum by Emergence Audio be the creative spark in your sonic journey.

Source code

Source Code delivers a journey into analog evolution without breaking the bank. With painstaking attention to detail, this synth instrument captures the essence of classic Moog synthesisers' golden era, featuring iconic waveforms and the legendary "D Type" circuitry.

Fuelling Source Code's sonic prowess is the Infinite Motion Engine™, an intuitive tool that elevates sound shaping to new heights. Boasting classic waveforms – Triangle, Sawtooth, Reverse/Sawtooth, Square, Wide Pulse, and Narrow Pulse – this synth is a playground for crafting everything from robust bass and lead tones to captivating effects and evolving organ sounds.

Practicality meets creativity with this instrument’s features. With over 100 presets and more than 100 parameters, you have the freedom to customise your sound palette. The 24bit 48kHz samples ensure clarity, and at just 100 MB installed, it won't hog your storage space. Midi learning and automation for all controls provide seamless integration into your creative process.

For the tech-savvy, Source Code introduces new and expanded NKS mapping, enhancing the user experience and streamlining your workflow. Whether you're a seasoned composer or just starting, Source Code invites you to shape, mould, and explore a world of sonic possibilities with an accessible and budget-friendly approach.

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