Monstera Country Cyborg

Monstera is tied together in the unlikeliest of places – the aisles of a supermarket shopping list. Yearning for something greater; an escape from the mundane.

Ulvo's artistic evolution began with 2018 debut album, 'Numb Chic', which showcased an early exploration of IDM and ambient elements, hinting at the sonic landscapes that would later be refined. The DIY nature of the album allowed Ulvo to experiment freely, leading to a raw and unpolished charm. Though the production might have been more rudimentary, it was here that Ulvo's vision began to take shape.

Fast forward to 2023's 'Monstera Country Cyborg' and we find a more refined and polished sound. Dedicated to experimentation, Ulvo has now arrived at a sonic realm that confidently blends IDM, glitch, and ambient in an intricately woven tapestry.

Conceptually, this is tied together in the unlikeliest of places – the aisles of a supermarket shopping list, featuring track titles ‘Listerine’, ‘Cayenne’ and ‘Cheddar’. However, beneath this whimsical surface, 'Monstera Country Cyborg' weaves a tale of suburban walks through the supermarket, driven by a yearning for something greater; an escape from the mundane.

Recorded entirely at-home, the album exudes intimacy and a handcrafted sensibility.

One of the album's defining features is its dark charm, skillfully piecing together disparate elements into a cohesive whole. Ulvo's mastery in blending tempos, moods, and genres is on full display, crafting an immersive experience that breaks free from the shackles of everyday mundanity. From the very outset, 'Monstera Country Cyborg' beckons the listener with glitchy beats and ambient undertones in 'Listerine,' setting the tone for the sonic expedition ahead. Tracks like 'There’s like, this party at Oscar’s' infuse ASMR-like percussion, inviting a trance-like state that pulls the listener deeper into the sonic world.

A standout moment occurs with 'Spit from a Python', fusing distorted percussion and samples with a smooth orchestral ambiance. This captures the fragile juxtaposition between everyday's realities and evermore's daydream. Like silk being dragged through glass.

Throughout the journey, Ulvo artfully plays with contrasts, juxtaposing valley-girl-like speech patterns against dark, gritty production, further accentuating the underlying theme of seeking solace beyond the ordinary.

Closing with 'Cheddar,' Ulvo ties the entire experience together, with a track that sounds both calming and stressful – reminiscent of daydreaming as a way to escape the everyday realities of life.