The 40 Best IDM Albums (1990s-2023)

August 6, 2023

Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) is a genre that has captivated electronic music enthusiasts with its intricate rhythms, experimental soundscapes, and forward-thinking compositions. IDM artists have consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music, creating groundbreaking albums that blend genres and stand the test of time. 

In this guide, we present a carefully curated list of some of the best IDM albums, showcasing the genius of these artists and their extraordinary contributions to the genre.

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Best IDM albums of the 2020s (so far)

Ulvo - Monstera Country Cyborg (2023)

Ulvo fully embraces the melancholy of IDM, blending atmospheric soundscapes with glitched beats and haunting vocal samples. 2023’s Monstera Country Cyborg delivers a comforting yet fragmented experience, juxtaposing soft and harsh sounds to build a warm and gritty sonic world. Created using found sounds, cinematic elements, field recordings and malfunctioning AI voices, Monstera Country Cyborg is an emotive yet energetic IDM fusion.

Listen: Monstera Country Cyborg

Proc Fiskal – Siren Spine Sysex (2021)

"Siren Spine Sysex" is a captivating journey through a world of glitchy beats, lush melodies, and dynamic soundscapes. Proc Fiskal masterfully blends elements of footwork, grime, and experimental electronic music to create a distinct and immersive sonic experience. The album is characterized by its use of intricate rhythm patterns, unconventional time signatures, and frenetic energy, which sets it apart from traditional IDM releases.

Listen: Siren Spine Sysex

Best IDM albums of the 2010s

Mark Pritchard - Under the Sun (2016)

"Under the Sun" by Mark Pritchard is an IDM album that effortlessly blends elements of ambient, downtempo, and experimental electronica. Pritchard's versatility as a producer shines through in this atmospheric and captivating release. The album is notable for its multicultural influences, with Pritchard drawing inspiration from different global music styles, creating a diverse and eclectic IDM journey.

Listen: Under the Sun

Floating Points - Elaenia (2015)

"Elaenia" by Floating Points is an IDM album that gracefully combines elements of jazz, ambient, and electronic music. With its lush orchestrations and intricate compositions, this album takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey. Elaenia is characterized by its seamless blending of electronic and classical elements, with Floating Points' own contributions on keyboards and synthesis seamlessly interwoven with live strings and woodwinds.

Kode9 - Nothing (2015)

Kode9's "Nothing" is an IDM album that delves into dark and bass-heavy territories. With its cutting-edge production and innovative use of space, this album is a testament to Kode9's prowess as a forward-thinking artist. It’s distinctive for its use of deep bass and sub-bass frequencies, influencing the development of the dubstep and bass music genres.

Andy Stott - Faith in Strangers (2014)

"Faith in Strangers" by Andy Stott is an IDM album that delves into dark and atmospheric territories. A modern classic, this album's brooding soundscapes and innovative production make it a standout in the modern IDM scene. Stott stands out for his fusion of electronic elements with live recordings of string instruments, adding a haunting, organic and gritty quality to the brooding IDM compositions.

Clark - Clark (2014)

Clark's self-titled album is a tour de force in IDM, showcasing the artist's diverse musical influences. From glitchy rhythms to melodic beauty, this album exemplifies the depth and creativity of the IDM genre. The record features a mix of live instrumentation, including guitars and drums, alongside electronic production, bringing a rock-inspired intensity and energy to the IDM tracks.

Actress - Ghettoville (2014)

"Ghettoville" by Actress is an IDM album that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. With its experimental approach to sound and genre, this album remains a captivating and enigmatic release. The record features a fragmented and abstract narrative that unfolds throughout the album, creating an enigmatic and immersive IDM experience that leaves room for interpretation.

DjRUM - Portrait with Firewood (2013)

DjRUM's "Portrait with Firewood" is an IDM album that blurs the lines between electronic and acoustic sounds. This album's emotive melodies and dynamic production create a deeply immersive listening experience. Portrait with Firewood stands out for its incorporation of field recordings from various locations, blended wih piano performances, adding a sense of place and atmosphere to the album's emotive IDM compositions.

Machinedrum - Vapor City (2013)

With "Vapor City," Machinedrum delivers an IDM album that draws from footwork, jungle, and ambient influences. This album's diverse sonic palette and intricate rhythms make it a must-listen for IDM enthusiasts. It weaves a conceptual narrative, with each track representing a district in a fictional city, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

Jon Hopkins - Immunity (2013)

"Immunity" by Jon Hopkins is an IDM masterpiece that effortlessly blends intricate beats, emotive melodies, and ambient textures. This album's mesmerizing journey through sonic landscapes has earned it critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. It showcases Hopkins' use of improvised piano recordings, which he then manipulates and incorporates into the electronic compositions, giving the album a human touch amidst its intricate production.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica (2011)

Daniel Lopatin, under the moniker Oneohtrix Point Never, presents "Replica," an IDM album that explores the intersection of glitchy sampling and ambient textures. This album's intricate layers and abstract soundscapes captivate the listener's imagination. "Replica" stands out for its exclusive use of samples from commercials and infomercials, creatively arranged and manipulated to form the basis of each track, resulting in a surreal and intriguing listening experience.

Datassette - Selected Offal (2011)

"Selected Offal" by Datassette is an IDM album that celebrates nostalgia while pushing forward with innovative production techniques. This album's playful and eclectic tracks make it a standout in the IDM genre. The album showcases Datassette's mastery of circuit bending, where the artist modifies and repurposes electronic devices to create unique and unpredictable sounds throughout the album.

Tycho - Dive (2011)

"Dive" by Tycho is a soothing and atmospheric IDM album that seamlessly combines dreamy melodies with downtempo beats. Its laid-back vibes and ethereal soundscapes make it an ideal choice for relaxation and introspection. This record stands out due to Scott Hansen's guitar work, giving the album an organic and human touch amidst its electronic foundation.

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma (2010)

With "Cosmogramma," Flying Lotus expands the boundaries of IDM with his fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and experimental electronic music. This album's complex arrangements and genre-defying sound have solidified Flying Lotus's place as a visionary artist. Produced with live jazz musicians and intricate jazz-inspired arrangements, the album presents a vibrant and genre-blending IDM masterpiece.

Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers (2010)

Mount Kimbie's "Crooks & Lovers" is a fusion of IDM, dubstep, and ambient elements. With its introspective themes and innovative production techniques, this album stands out as a landmark release in the modern IDM scene. The record features a distinctive blend of field recordings and found sounds, capturing the atmosphere of everyday life and adding a sense of authenticity and intimacy to the album.

Caribou - Swim (2010)

"Swim" by Caribou (formerly known as Manitoba) is an IDM album that expertly balances electronic beats with organic instrumentation. This album's infectious grooves and soulful melodies have earned it widespread acclaim. Swim stands out for its intricate layering of live and sampled percussion, including the innovative use of household items, creating a textured and rhythmically engaging IDM experience.

Best IDM albums of the 2000s

Nosaj Thing - Drift (2009)

With "Drift," Nosaj Thing crafts an IDM album that combines glitchy beats and atmospheric melodies. This album's emotional depth and innovative production have solidified its place among the best in the IDM genre. The album impresses with its incorporation of live instruments, including guest guitar performances, which add an organic and emotional dimension to the electronic compositions.

Burial - Untrue (2007)

"Untrue" by Burial is an IDM album that epitomizes the dark, melancholic side of the genre–and in its best form. With its haunting soundscapes and distinctive use of vocal samples, this album remains a seminal work in the IDM landscape. It’s characterized by its use of found sound samples from video games (namely the Meta Gear series), films, and radio broadcasts, adding an eerie and nostalgic atmosphere to the haunting IDM compositions.

Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet (2006)

Tim Hecker's "Harmony in Ultraviolet" is a sonic exploration of ambient IDM. This album mesmerizes listeners with its dense, immersive textures, creating a unique and otherworldly atmosphere.

Venetian Snares - Rossz csillag alatt született (2005)

Known for his breakneck beats and unpredictable compositions, Aaron Funk, under the alias Venetian Snares, delivers a magnum opus with "Rossz csillag alatt született." Blending classical orchestration with frenetic IDM, this album is a mind-bending fusion of genres.

Four Tet - Rounds (2003)

"Rounds" by Four Tet is a quintessential IDM album that combines organic instrumentation with electronic production. This album's warm, melodic soundscapes and intricate rhythms have made it a timeless classic in the IDM genre. This classic record is loved for its incorporation of live acoustic instrumentation, including guitar, melodica, and found sounds, merging organic and electronic elements to craft an eclectic and warm IDM sound.

Richard Devine - Asect:Dsect (2003)

"Asect:Dsect" by Richard Devine is a masterclass in technical precision and experimental IDM. Devine's meticulous attention to detail and intricate sound design create a sonic tapestry that captivates from start to finish. Asect:Dsect showcases Devine's mastery of sound design and manipulation, using custom-built modular synthesizers and granular synthesis techniques to create intricate and otherworldly sounds.

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops (2002)

A haunting and emotionally charged work of art, "The Disintegration Loops" by William Basinski is a landmark album in the ambient IDM subgenre. Basinski's use of decaying tape loops creates a sense of melancholy and introspection, making it an unforgettable listening experience. This album is well-loved for its creation process, where Basinki looped and recorded decaying tape loops until they disintegrated, resulting in a captivating sense of impermanence and melancholy.

Jan Jelinek - Loop-finding-jazz-records (2001)

Jan Jelinek's "Loop-finding-jazz-records" is an IDM album that embraces minimalism and repetition. This album's hypnotic loops and subtle variations create an immersive and meditative listening experience. Hence the name, Loop-finding-jazz-records is known for its innovative use of microsampling, where Jelinek extracts tiny snippets from jazz recordings, creating a minimalist and hypnotic IDM experience.

Mira Calix - One on One (2000)

"One on One" by Mira Calix is an IDM album that explores the delicate balance between organic and electronic sounds. Calix's use of manipulated found sounds and glitchy textures creates a unique and immersive listening experience. The record incorporates the use of human voices and breath sounds, often transformed and processed, to create an organic and emotive quality throughout the album.

Arovane - Atol Scrap (2000)

Arovane's "Atol Scrap" is an IDM album that artfully blends glitchy beats and ambient textures. This album's ethereal and emotive soundscapes have solidified its place among the best in the IDM genre. Atol Scrap features Arovane's signature use of granular synthesis and glitchy textures, creating a dreamy and immersive IDM journey that transports listeners to a sonic wonderland.

Best IDM albums of the 1990s

Plone - For Beginner Piano (1999)

Plone's "For Beginner Piano" is a playful and whimsical IDM album, featuring cheerful melodies and quirky arrangements that transport listeners to a delightful electronic wonderland. The album is characterized by its charming use of vintage toy keyboards, creating a playful and nostalgic atmosphere that sets it apart from other IDM albums.

Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children (1998)

Boards of Canada's debut album is a seminal work in the IDM genre. "Music Has the Right to Children" is a nostalgic and emotive journey through hazy melodies, eerie atmospheres, and mesmerizing beats. The record features extensive use of tape loops, analog synthesizers, and vintage equipment, resulting in a distinct and nostalgic lo-fi quality that defines their sound.

µ-Ziq - Lunatic Harness (1997)

Mike Paradinas, also known as µ-Ziq, delivers an IDM masterpiece with "Lunatic Harness." This album seamlessly blends complex drum patterns, lush melodies, and glitchy textures, taking listeners on a sonic journey that remains unparalleled in the IDM realm. The record features a diverse range of styles, from breakbeat to acid house, showcasing u-Ziq’s versatility and ability to seamlessly fuse different electronic genres.

Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy (1997)

Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, showcases his virtuosity with "Hard Normal Daddy." This album is a breathtaking display of frenetic drum and bass-inspired beats, coupled with complex basslines and mind-bending melodies. Jenkinson stands out for his extraordinary bass guitar performances, which he skillfully manipulates and incorporates into the complex IDM compositions.

Plaid - Not for Threes (1997)

"Not for Threes" by Plaid is a timeless IDM gem, offering a diverse array of tracks that showcase the duo's talent for crafting intricate beats and emotive melodies.  The record incorporates unconventional rhythms and time signatures, challenging the typical electronic music structures and adding a dynamic and experimental edge to the album.

The Black Dog - Spanners (1995)

The Black Dog's "Spanners" is a groundbreaking IDM album that fuses intricate beats and innovative production techniques. Its rich sound palette and intelligent compositions have earned it a place in the IDM hall of fame. The album’s intricate sonic layering and complex textures are what earn it a place in top IDM album lists, achieved through a combination of traditional synthesis, analog gear, and custom-built software.

Pan Sonic - Vakio (1995)

Pan Sonic's "Vakio" is an industrial-tinged IDM album that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. With its harsh textures and experimental compositions, this album remains a seminal work in the IDM scene. It’s renowned for its minimalist approach, often using only analog synthesizers and self-constructed instruments to create its distinctive, raw, and powerful sound.

Mouse On Mars - Iaora Tahiti (1995)

"Iaora Tahiti" by Mouse On Mars is an IDM classic that defies categorization. This album's eclectic mix of playful rhythms, abstract sound design, and experimental sensibilities makes it a true gem in the IDM landscape. characterized by ' innovative use of unusual sound sources, such as children's toys and kitchen utensils, the album presents a whimsical and experimental IDM masterpiece.

Basic Channel - BCD-2 (1995)

"BCD-2" by Basic Channel is an influential IDM album that lays the foundation for dub techno. With its hypnotic rhythms and immersive soundscapes, this album has left a lasting impact on the electronic music scene. BCD-2 showcases Basic Channel's pioneering use of dub and echo effects, shaping the sound of their IDM tracks and influencing the development of dub techno.

Autechre - Tri Repetae (1995)

"Tri Repetae" by Autechre is an IDM classic that showcases the duo's pioneering approach to electronic music. With its intricate rhythms and abstract sound design, this album is a must-listen for IDM enthusiasts. Autechre takes an experimental approach to rhythm, utilizing irregular time signatures and complex polyrhythms to create a disorienting and mind-bending IDM experience.

The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms (1994)

"Lifeforms" is a pioneering work by The Future Sound Of London (FSOL), blending IDM with ambient and techno elements. This album's futuristic sound and imaginative storytelling set the bar for the IDM genre. The record is notable for its groundbreaking use of found sounds, spoken word samples, and field recordings, adding a cinematic quality and a sense of narrative to the album.

Orbital - Orbital 2 (Brown Album) (1993)

"Orbital 2," commonly known as the Brown Album, is a defining IDM release by the British duo Orbital. Fusing techno, ambient, and breakbeat influences, this album showcases Orbital's pioneering approach to electronic music. It features the track "Halcyon + On + On," which has become an iconic ambient IDM piece, celebrated for its emotive and evocative qualities.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992)

No IDM guide would be complete without mentioning Aphex Twin's seminal work. "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" is an iconic album that showcases Richard D. James's talent for crafting intricate, emotive, and timeless electronic music. This classic is known for its use of self-built and modified synthesizers, as well as the innovative incorporation of homemade effects units, contributing to its distinct and influential sound.

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